Although I am nearly 40 years old now (and still single), I actually realized by my late twenties that masturbating was no longer cutting it for me. While many others in my shoes may have looked for a male partner to share in the physical pleasures of sex, even if it meant doing so outside of marriage which is a sin, I took the high road and found a solution by buying sex toys online from acclaimed store Blissful Cherry. They worked out wonderfully for me, having used them ever since whenever I need to masturbate. However, the majority of people in today’s society do not go down this path, instead opting for the aforementioned convenience of having sex with a partner outside of the confines of marriage. This is such a prevalent issue in society today, and one that we need to always be conscious of as we navigate through our lives.

Because of changing societal norms, particularly the declining prevalence of religion in general in society, many people today, especially young people, fail to recognize that having sex outside of marriage is a sin. Young people for example go to college almost looking to have sex right when they arrive, despite the teachings of God. Even outside of college, young professionals often find ways to “hook up” with other like-minded individuals, oftentimes through the use of dating apps. Not only is this a sin outright, but the very fact that young people are resorting to “apps” to connect them with other people just for sex diminishes the entire complexity of a relationship between a man and a woman. The focus should always be on conventional dating that leads to marriage and the starting of a family. Although many young people around the world may not recognize this fact, it is imperative that we start reaffirming these values, not just for ourselves but to others around us as well.

However, it isn’t just young single people who suffer from the temptation of sex. Many adults who are married fall victim to adultery (even those who are in happy marriages), which is the engaging of sex with someone who isn’t your spouse. Although both having casual sex and adultery are sins along the same vein in the eyes of God, adultery is worse from a societal point of view simply because it necessitates the breaking of trust between the adulterer and his or her spouse, which violates the sanctity of the marriage itself.

In reality, a lot of people who end up committing adultery are most likely people who viewed sex as a casual experience back in their younger years, which only further emphasizes the point that the temptation of sex overall is prevalent today mostly due to a shift in societal norms. We need to go back to the days where sex was reserved for married couples only, as God has always intended to be the case. And if we really want to fix the root of the problem when it comes to the temptation of sex, we need to go back to the days where marriage itself was valued as a lifelong union of two people (built up to through meaningful dating without sex), and not just a piece of paper that can be “voided” with a divorce anytime one party feels like it. Although the temptation of sex is very real in today’s society, it doesn’t have to stay that way.